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Where it all began....

    It all started when I won my first art competition at the age of 5, this lead to a life time of illustrating, designing and doodling. 

    At secondary school my creative flare showed in my constant doodling around the words on my text books, some teachers where impressed, some where not.

    After attending art school at Blackburn College and Bolton University, I began my career in Graphic design, where my love of illustrating continued. I had a career change when my children where born, water and oil painting in what spare time I had.

    Then I found myself working as a High Level Teaching Assistant, (don't know how that happened, although the job worked round the kids brilliantly) specialising in Art, Science, and Reading Interventions. 

    Whilst teaching children to read and learning about how children learn to read, I wrote and illustrated a number of children's stories aimed at helping children to increase their phonic knowledge.

    Now with both boys grown up I have put my skills to good use spending most of my time painting landscapes, wildlife and illustrating children's books. 

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